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At Progeny Law Firm, we understand how important it is for you to provide for the ones you love. Caring for those who are precious to you goes beyond the current moment — it means taking care of them in the future, too.

When an individual passes without a will or estate plan in place, this creates additional and unnecessary distress for surviving family members. With estate planning services from Progeny Law Firm, you can make sure that everything is set up to best protect and plan for the people who matter most to you.

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What Does Estate Planning Entail In Baton Rouge?

Estate Planning Lawyer Estate planning is the process of getting a person’s affairs in order so they can be distributed according to that individual’s desires after their passing. In most cases, estate planning includes a will. This is a document that determines who will inherit a person’s financial assets, property, and belongings. It is common to assume that estate planning is only necessary for the wealthy, but estate planning is useful for people in all walks of life. There are many elements of estate planning beyond dividing up resources. For example, estate planning services can cover medical treatment wishes. In case someone becomes unable to communicate these preferences later, their desires will have already been established. In addition, estate planning can designate guardians for children. It might also involve choosing someone to make medical, financial, or other decisions on your behalf, in the event of death or incapacitation.

Why Does Estate Planning Matter?

Estate planning is important for multiple reasons. First, it protects your assets and property, and makes certain that they go to the people you have intended. Second, it helps protect your loved ones. Dealing with someone’s passing is difficult enough on its own. When the person who passed away did not create an official and legal estate plan, those already grieving are burdened even more. Planning ahead ensures that your affairs are organized, which will help your loved ones avoid probate. Probate occurs when someone passes without a will, and the court must decide how to distribute their belongings. Probate is usually an expensive process. In some cases, it is very messy and takes many years to complete. Probate often causes significant stress for family members and may even lead to damaged relationships. Creating an estate plan with an experienced and thorough estate planning lawyer will safeguard two things that matter considerably: your legacy and your loved ones.
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What Does An Estate Planning Attorney Do?

Estate Planning Law Estate planning can be a complicated process. Having a professional estate planning attorney from Progeny Law Firm by your side ensures that your estate plan is set up properly. Together, we will establish a plan that meets your goals and wishes and abides by any applicable laws. As an estate planning law firm, we are qualified to assist you with a variety of items related to estate planning, including:
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Succession
  • Probate
  • Living wills and long-term care planning
  • Asset protection
  • Healthcare power of attorney
  • General power of attorney
  • And more…
Estate planning involves a lot of documents that may be confusing for those with no previous estate planning experience. Our skilled estate planning attorneys can help you navigate through the process from beginning to end. We can work with you to determine which documents are needed for your particular situation. We are also able to help reduce your estate taxes. Additionally, we have the ability to verify whether any Louisiana State laws apply to your situation. Louisiana has some laws that are different from other states. For this reason, it is important to work with a Louisiana-licensed professional if you live in Baton Rouge or another city in Louisiana. At Progeny Law Firm, one of our knowledgeable estate planning lawyers can walk you through creating a complete estate plan. We’ll make sure it covers all of your financial, medical, and legal needs.

Take The Next Step In Your Estate Planning Journey Today

Whether you’re just starting your career or you’ve spent a lifetime building up your assets, it’s important to protect your personal resources. Working with an estate planning law firm will ensure that your legacy is preserved and your affairs are divided according to your wishes. If you live in or near Baton Rouge and you need a lawyer for preparing estate planning documents, Progeny Law Firm has you covered. With more than two decades of experience helping our clients with their estate plans, our estate planning attorneys can guide you through every part of the process. For more information about our estate planning services, or to schedule your free 15-minute consultation, give us a call at (225) 465-1090.
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