Work With Baton Rouge, LA Elder Law Attorney Myrna Arroyo To Formulate A Plan For Your Golden Years

At Progeny Law Firm, we can help you plan for the financial, medical, and legal challenges associated with aging. Our Louisiana elder law attorneys will be able to help you develop a comprehensive plan to ensure your wishes and preferences are honored in the future. Should you become incapacitated, the plan will specify how your assets are protected should you require assisted living or nursing home care.

70% of Americans will become impoverished within one year of entering a nursing home. Without the assistance of an elder law attorney, that could be you. Nearly 75% of people over 65 will require some long-term care. In Baton Rouge, LA, the average cost is $6,0000 per month or $72,000 annually.

With the skills of elder law attorney Myrna Arroyo, this undesirable situation can be avoided. She is here to guide you through the process of developing a plan that protects you and your family from unexpected and avoidable long-term care costs. If you live in or near Baton Rouge, LA call ​​(225) 465-1090 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Can Baton Rouge, La Medicaid Attorney Myrna Arroyo Help Me Apply For Medicaid?

Unfortunately, you cannot apply for Medicaid until it is medically necessary. Using the services of Medicaid planning attorney Mryna Arroyo, you can safeguard your finances with a long-term care plan.

When the time comes to apply for Medicaid, laying the groundwork can significantly decrease the time it takes to process your application. Typically, it takes six months before a decision is reached. With a Medicaid asset protection lawyer, you can formulate a plan should you ever need it. This will allow you to access Medicaid benefits as soon as they are needed.

What Are Common Mistakes To Avoid In Elder Care Planning?

The most common mistake is never making a plan. This is something that people do seem to plan for until it’s too late. Additionally, people take action that solves short-term problems but has the potential to cause future problems.

Another common mistake is parents donate property, assets, or award gifts to their children. The value of these assets could adversely affect their ability to apply for Medicaid. Once these decisions are made, it is difficult to reverse them.

The final mistake people make is improperly establishing the power of attorney. In Baton Rouge, La, the power of attorney allows you to choose someone that will have the power to control certain aspects of your estate or carry out predefined actions should you become incapacitated. Making the right choice is important because it could have a significant impact on the outcome.

To avoid these common pitfalls work with a Medicaid planning attorney. By discussing your concerns, wishes, and goals with an expert, you can rest assured the plan will be tailored to your needs.

For more information on Elder Care Planning & Medicaid in Baton Rouge, LA, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you seek by calling (225) 465-1090 today.

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